This page is to upload worship services to the website.
If this is not what you are here to do, then you probably best leave.

After clicking on the link below, there is a good chance your browser will ask you what you want to do with the file.  Most browsers give you the option to "Open" the file or "Save" it.  "Opening" it will save the step of downloading it and opening it manually.  You may also want to check the box to always do this.

After this, a security warning will appear since the upload needs to do a few things that require this.  Don't worry, the uploader will not harm your computer.  There is a box on this dialog as well to always trust this publisher; go ahead and select that too.  (This warning appears because we didn't pay the $$ to have our certificate verified by a trusted certificate just doesn't seem worth it.)

Regardless, this is WAY easier than it used to be!

Java 7 is necessary to run the uploader.  This is already on most computers.

Start the Uploader

If you need some help using the uploader, click here.